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3D WebView for Android (Web Browser)

Easily display and interact with web content in 3D or 2D using the web browser plugin trusted by over 1000 developers. See the developer site for full documentation.

?  Load a webpage from a URL or HTML string

?  Watch videos and YouTube

<>  Create UIs with HTML

⚡️  Get started fast with the 3D WebViewPrefab or 2D CanvasWebViewPrefab, which render to a Texture2D and handle user interactions (click, scroll, hover, drag)

?  Includes a Native 2D Mode optimized for mobile

⌨️  Type with the included on-screen keyboard or native keyboard

• C# source code for a unified API that works seamlessly across Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, WebGL, and UWP / Hololens

• Comprehensive API for controlling the browser and listening to browser events

• Execute JavaScript

• Send messages from JavaScript to C# and vice versa

• View PDFs

• Also includes extra platform-specific APIs

• Supports transparent pages

• Powered by the Android System WebView


• 3D WebView’s included demo scenes:
◦ SimpleWebViewDemo
◦ CanvasWebViewDemo
◦ AdvancedWebViewDemo
◦ CanvasWorldSpaceDemo
◦ PopupDemo