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3D Scans – Forest Pack

This package contains 10 different forest objects, from broken tree roots to grass objects.The complete preview scene is included! Now with HDRP support!
If you want to go back to Built-In RP just replace the Materials folder using the included zip file.
The 3D scans (photogrammetry objects) have 4k textures with Diffuse- (Albedo) and Normal-Maps and a tris count between 10k-100k per object.
LOD Meshes for LowRes-Models are included!
Some objects also have Ambient-Occlusion-Maps and Height-Maps.
Additionally, this package includes an editor tool to convert Diffuse-Maps (Albedo) to Normal-Maps and Normal-Maps to Height-Maps and a tool to convert textures to tga files with white alpha fix.
The scripts can also be used in other Unity projects.

– 10 HQ forest models
– LOD Meshes
– Unity scenes included
– Texture Converter with alpha fixing
– Normal-/Height-Map Generator

The built-in RP preview scene uses the Post Processing Stack V1, the used profile is included, but not the Post Processing scripts!
If you want to get the same results download it here: PostProcessingStackV1