3D Items – Mega Pack

Download 3D Items – Mega Pack Free Unity. 

3D Items – Mega Pack 
Colorful Stylized Asset Pack with a wide range of items for Battle, Mining, Lumbering, Cooking, Farming, Fishing and Exploration.

1679 Lowpoly Items.
50-500 Tris per item.
All items share a single 256×256 Texture and Material to increase performance.
Suited for Mobile, PC and Browser Games.
Includes example scene.

1H/2H Swords, 1H/2H Axes, Shields, Wands, Orbs, Daggers, Throwing Knifes, Throwing Axes, Throwing Stars, Bows and Arrows (including shoot animation).

Pickaxes, Hammers, Shovels, Buckets, Tongs, Dynamite, Blowers, Ores, Gems, Metal Bars, Anvils, Lanterns.

Compass, Rope, Potions, Scrolls, Paper, Quills, Ink, Bones, Keys, Books, Locks.

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