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2D+3D Infinite Runner Engine

Download 2D+3D Infinite Runner Engine FREE Unity

2D+3D Endless Runner Kit from the maker of the top-rated and most trending asset pack Corgi Engine

The Infinite Runner Engine could be an extremely customizable, optimized and straightforward to use the resolution that may offer you with everything you would like to form your remarkably own endless game. It comes with heaps of complete examples (platformer, lane runner, etc…). fully mobile/touch prepared, it’s ne’er been this simple to form endless games.

What will the Infinite Runner Engine do?
– produce the endless game you wish: the quality comes with plenty of common use categories, simple to customise for your own desires
– Optimized for mobile, nice performance, recycled objects works nicely everywhere!
– integral examples: the Infinite Runner Engine comes packed with plenty of complete games, assets and categories, able to use!
– Handles all the toil: achievements, object pools, spawners, camera controllers, game standing, events, multiple characters, pickable objects, high scores and then a lot of more!
– Super simple to use: tweak the engine core objects straight from the inspector. Plus
– Complete documentation of all the categories, the whole codebase is commented, and here’s a video tutorial.