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Download 2D ULTIMATE BUNDLE Free Unity. 

This package contains one hundred 2D characters weapons and a map suitable for top-down and side-scrolling games.

This package contains one hundred 2D characters suitable for top-down and side-scrolling games. It also comes with 174 weapon sprites and 191 world sprites which sums up to a total size of 934,365 sprites. Each character is made of 934 sprites.

Characters (100):

Astronaut, Bounty Hunter, Spaceling, Dino, Steampunk, Clown, Soldier, Bunny, Soviet, Rocker, Monk, Chef, Orc, Builder, Vampire, Queen, Agent, Werewolf, Frank, Zombie, Skeleton, Ninja, Samurai, Robot, Nerd, Iron Maiden, Grandma, Devil, Angel, Elf, Scientist, Biker, Hippo, Tourist, Model, Buddha, Spagettimon, Shiva, Jesus, Knight, Gorilla, Officer, Santa, Doctor, Farmer, Vacationer, Goth, Geisha, Ranger, Princess, Reaper, Alien, Patient, Squirrel, Emo, Hillbilly, Viking, Amazon, Ghoul, King, Wizard, Priest, Shaman, Grandpa, Cyborg, Golem, Duck, Cat, Dog, Bat, Dwarf, Groom, Bride, Baker, Painter, Bigfoot, Diver, Rabbi, Skater, Popstar, Stylist, Elephant, Tiger, Lion, Giraffe, Druid, Madman, Baby, Ginger Kid, Judge, Plant, Flower, Tree, Android, Bacteria, Ambulance, Belly Dancer, Go-Go Dancer, Gargoyle, Leprechaun.

The character texture size is 450×430 including animation safe frame. The true character resolution is roughly around 135×180 (depending on animation frame).

Characters are designed to work in four directions. Animations to the left and right are the same sprite. To get the right facing version it needs to be mirrored. This is a very common practice but it might result in small detail faults (e.g. eye patch change).

Character-Animations (934 sprites):

Idle: 63 sprites

Run: 30 sprites

Walk: 42 sprites

Jump: 57 sprites

Duck: 63 sprites

Crawl: 57 sprites

Slide: 33 sprites

Hold bomb: 84 sprites

Carry bomb: 80 sprites

Throw bomb: 60 sprites

Hit 1: 39 sprites

Hit 2: 39 sprites

Vanish: 32 sprites

Rifle shooting: 4 sprites

Gun shooting: 4 sprites

Bow shooting: 5 sprites

Sword swing: 60 sprites

Hammer swing: 115 sprites

Sythe swing: 70 sprites


Basic Weapon Animations (174 sprites):

Bow: 21 sprites

Gun: 3 sprites

Hammer: 69 sprites

Rifle: 3 sprites

Sword: 36 sprites

Sycthe: 42 sprites


World Animations (191 sprites):

Bomb on ground: 18 sprites

Carrying bomb: 60 sprites

Holding bomb: 63 sprites

Bomb explosion: 11 sprites

Arrow: 1 sprite

Bullet: 4 sprites

Desert tilemap: 1 sprite

Muzzle flash: 2 sprites

Player Shadow: 1 sprite

Wood barrier: 30 sprites



Import can take a while. Please import only the characters you need. This is just sprites and pre-build animations on a demo scene. No code included. Make something great out of it. 🙂

Importing all characters makes a unity project very big. By purchasing this package you will receive the licence upgrade to all single characters so that you can choose which characters you would like to import.

100 Characters Included:

Feel free to check out the free character first before you by the package:

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2D Character – Android

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2D Character – Astronaut

2D Character – Baby

2D Character – Bacteria

2D Character – Baker

2D Character – Bat

2D Character – Belly Dancer

2D Character – Bigfoot

2D Character – Biker

2D Character – Bounty Hunter

2D Character – Bride

2D Character – Buddha

2D Character – Builder

2D Character – Bunny

2D Character – Cat

2D Character – Chef

2D Character – Clown

2D Character – Cyborg

2D Character – Devil