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2D Tilezone

Download 2D Tilezone FREE Unity. 

Powerful tile-set editor for Unity 5

2D Tilezone is an easy to use 2D tile editor for Unity 5. 2D Tilezone creates tile layers which are optimised for performance, and have all the colliders set up.

New to 2D Tilezone: Tile Prefabs and automatic chunk management for larger levels. Also example scripts for procedural generation.

Features include:

– Automatically creates a mesh optimized for in game performance. Can draw, erase, flip, and rotate tiles straight on to the scene view of Unity.

– random dungeon generator and a random platformer generator.

– Networking: Show tiles changed in game over the network.(Requires Unity 5.3 or above)

– Can set up 2D and 3D colliders at the click of a button

– Automatically sets up one way platforms using Platform Effector 2D, which is new to Unity 5.

– Adds in 3D mesh data to use for great looking lighting.