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2D Sci-Fi Platformer

Download 2D Sci-Fi Platformer FREE Unity. 

2D Sci-Fi Platformer contains everything you need to create a cutting edge game with beautiful art, animations, and effects.

Demo: WebGL | PC | Mac
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This pack is in the active development phase with new features, fixes, and improvements planned in the upcoming updates.

• 6 Detailed characters cut for animation. Interchangeable armor, helmets, and weapons. Editable layers on all character parts, easy to change the design, color, and shape.

• Weapon Constructor: 120 unique parts including base, panels, stocks, handles, barrels, magazines, and more.

• 22 Premade weapons of different classes and types: pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, heavy weapons and special weapons such as tesla gun, grenades, melee, and more.

• World and buildings constructor of more than 100 parts. A variety of foreground and background elements such as ground, stones, crystals, planets, construction platforms, buildings, and miscellaneous props.

• More than 30 HUD elements including 15 crosshairs, health and armor bars, icons, etc.

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