2D Retro Pixel Art Platformer Pack

2D Retro Pixel Art Platformer Pack is Ready for any game, with prefabs set up and an example scene. It’s perfect for a platformer or an endless runner set in a jungle, city or hell. The pack features promotion art as well. Six characters can be used as playable characters: Male and female ranger, skater or none. NPC’s are an Asian soldier with a knife, a slug, and a police officer.

● Beautiful Pixel Art
● 10 Different Worlds
● 9 Characters
● 74 Different Platform Modules
● 3 types of weapons for two of the playable characters (Bow, Shotgun and Machine Gun)
● 6 playable characters
● 15 Animated Items with effects
● 120+ Animations in total
● 40+ GUI elements
● Promotion Art and icon


Playable characters:
Idle, Run, Jump, In Air, Landing, Attack, Hit, Die.
Idle, Walk, Fall, Die.

The health pack, Shiny coin, Flame Shield, Bullet, Arrow, Spray Can, Energy Drink, Yoyo, Flame, Purple Flame, Potion,

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