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2D Collider Pro Toolkit is no doubt the best and definitely your one-stop resolution for operating with Unity 2D Colliders. It additionally includes complementary ways for 2D Physics Raycast.

This toolkit is found below Tools / 2D collider professional

● 2D Camera Collider
This remarkable component includes unique 2D camera collider functionality that helps to creates 2D camera border collider. If you progress or size your camera, the accelerator can dynamically modification its points.

● 2D Custom Colliders
2D Physics Toolkit contains Arc Collider 2D that generates the best possible way to create 2D edge collider with Arc settings.
Skew Collider 2D helps in creating 2D polygon collider with the help of Skew settings.
Spiral Collider 2D creates 2D edge collider with Spiral settings.

● Show 2D Collider
This part creates the visual zone of your 2D collider, that is ideal for debugging. you’ll set individual settings for all of your 2D colliders.

● 2D Sorting Raycast
2D Sorting Raycast could be a static technique of _2D_Collider_Pro static category. it’s a ray cast supported 2nd Sorting, that returns sprite’s accelerator hit information with the highest priority sorted worth (returns RaycastHit2D).

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