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2D Jump n Run Framework

Download 2D Jump n Run Framework FREE Unity

Ever dreamed of your own Jump’n’Run? Now you can easily make it! Just adjust the parameters and your player will just behave like you want him to. Included is a fully animated dummy figure, so you can start to create the levels right now! This framework will get new features steadily! If you have a wish then post it the Unity Forum Thread for this framework!

Some key features of that are in the current version:
– Integrated Xbox360 (and any other) Controller support! Plugin your controller and start playing!
– Fully animated Jumpman, so you can start right now to create your levels and get to the animation stuff later!
– Do you want to multijumps? A “run” button? No sliding? Less/more air control? No problem! Adjust the parameters and do your own thing!
– Easy trigger-based camera system!
– Simple animation system to set up your animations! Should they loop? Be faster? Maybe there is an animation you want to play after that?

The most important part of a jump’n’run is the playability, so I will develop a game with this system, so you guys can be sure that this pack will be complete and get new updates!