2D Anim Heroes – Free Download

Download 2D Anim Heroes Free Unity

2D Anim Heroes is an extensive set of 2d game character animations and skins.

This resource includes 52 2D animations to be used in your platformer, beat ’em up, shoot ’em up, hack and slash, or maybe you’re making a turn-based puzzle, survival horror point and click adventure MOBA!? Basically, if it’s 2D, then this is the animation set for you!

Including animations:

– walk
– happy walk
– run
– fast run
– jump x3
– roll
– skid stop
– climb
– swim
– push
– pull
– wall hang
– wall jump
– edge hang
– edge climb up
– punch
– jab
– uppercut
– block
– sword swings x3
– shooting pistol/machine gun/shotgun
– ladder climb
– idle animation
– tired idle animation
– fall down
– get up
– celebration

and more!

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