250+ Hand Painted Textures Mega Bundle

Download 250+ Hand Painted Textures Mega Bundle Free Unity. 

Limited offer :

All customers will receive Stylized Crystal Collection for FREE*

250+ Hand Painted Textures – Mega Bundle Part 1 with perfectly tillable textures!

This bundle SAVE you 65% off the regular standalone texture set’s.

This collection contains all kinds of materials you might need for your project.

Ground, walls, nature, desert, ice, lava, dirt, bricks, cliffs, lava, water, metals, rocks, terrain, sand, snow, ice, stone, surface, tiles, grass, gravel, organic, flowers, roofs, wood, crystals, patterns.

We have released the next part of this popular collection, there are a lot of new textures there :

– Ultimate Texture Collection – Mega Bundle Part 2

– Super Texture Collection

*You can upgrade to Super Collection and Mega Bundle Part 2 with a discount.


– 326 Unique Textures/Materials

– Includet Texture Set Vol.01-Vol.60

– Base Color/ Normal/ Roughness/ Height/ Ambient Occlusion included

– Resolution 2048x2048px

– PNG format

– Tillable

– Hand Painted

– Mobile and PBR ready

– Regular free updates!

– One texture cost’s less then 50 cent!

MEGA futures:

– Discord badge and private channel;

– 50% Discount (works on lowlypoly.com)

– 1x Free Texture Request (2 textures)

– Priority support


Version 2.7

– 321 Textures

– Add Texture Set Vol.59,60

Version 2.6

– 311 Textures

– Add Texture Set Vol.58

Version 2.5

– 311 Textures

– Add Texture Set Vol.57

– Fixed all normal maps

– All textures have correct names

– Unity 2018.4.34 LTS

Version 2.4

– Added Texture Set.56

Version 2.3

– All materials and textures now is named/organized

– Add Texture Set Vol.54

– Add Texture Set Vol.55

Version 2.2

– Add Texture Set Vol.52

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