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1200 HQ Hand Painted Mega Pack COMPILATION Bundle

High-Quality hand painted day, evening and night backgrounds and platforms graphics 2D prepared for a 2D game. In this bundle there are backgrounds for more than 20 levels! This package includes all you will need for a adventure 2D game (Including music):

93 plants, 86 clouds, 66 mountains, 24 shells, 64 type of platforms compound of some blocks each (pieces with loop, with a lot of details for each platform, 360 differents pieces for different combinations), 58 rocks, 27 types of rock formations, 13 big sky background, 12 trees, 12 snow details, 10 spike, 9 mountains of sand, 9 sand details, 8 cave details, 6 corals, 3 sea with waves (with loop), 3 sea without waves (with loop), 3 cloud background (with loop), 3 cave background (with loop), 3 ice cube, 3 sand background (with loop), 2 volcano, 1 lava background animation and 3 bones.

This megapack includes:

– Brutal 2D Adventure Jungle Backgrounds
– Brutal 2D Adventure Beach Backgrounds
– Brutal 2D Adventure Northland Backgrounds
– Brutal 2D Adventure Desert Backgrounds
– Brutal 2D Adventure Volcano Cave Backgrounds